Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Government of India


          It has been observed that the Doctors, Central Health Service Officers, who are posted at Dte.GHS are required to look into the technical as well as administrative matters. In technical matters, the Doctors (CHS Officers) are well equipped with the same as they are professional qualified in their concerned specialties. However, the administrative matters require some kind of training so as to enable them to handle the same with requisite efficiency and effectiveness. It is well known fact that training has usually been based on the duties that are to be performed in a particular post. There has been no comprehensive review or classification of all the posts available with Dte.GHS in accordance with functions that are to be performed and the competencies required thereto. With a view to moving a competency-based approach, it would be necessary to classify the posts into distinct types and to indicate the competencies required for performing work in such posts. Once the competencies are laid down, an individual’s development can be more objectively linked to the competencies needed for the current or future jobs.

          Accordingly, Calibrated Training Plan has been developed and designed for the Central Health Service Officers posted in Dte.GHS and the subordinate offices of Dte.GHS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Last Updated On 29/06/2016