Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Government of India


The broad objectives of Directorate General of Health Services would be:

  • To formulate evidence-based policies and strategies and to plan and implement programmes based on transparent, innovative, inclusive policies.
  • To address social and cultural determinants to ensure every citizen has the right to health and well-being.
    1. Guarantee food security to provide essential nutrition, especially for mother and child.
    2. Ensure potable water, sanitation facilities and proper housing
  • To provide technical support to the Department of Health and Family Welfare in developing the strategies for credible free universal health care including free essential drugs, accessible to all citizens. Prioritize special groups that need attention; mother, child, destitute and geriatric population.
  • To take effective measures to prevent, mitigate and eliminate/ eradicate communicable diseases of public health importance and to prevent, mitigate and or contain public health emergencies due to biological including zoonotic, chemical and radiological hazards.
  • To promote health through behavioural change with involvement of community, civil society, community based organisations, media etc to address issues related to non- communicable diseases such as cancer, cardio vascular disease, stroke, mental illnesses, alcoholism and other substance abuse.
  • To ensure Emergency Medical Services coverage for all that would include medical, surgical ( including trauma), paediatric and obstetric emergencies;
  • Address climate change issues impacting health.
  • Lay down specific standards and norms for safety and quality assurance of all aspects of health care
  • To develop and ensure availability of human resources in health sector appropriate to the level of care.
  • To manage information related to health status, health infrastructure and health Services.
  • To monitor progress and evaluate health outcome/ impact through pre-determined health indicators, norms and benchmarks.
  • To provide technical guidance and advice to the state health departments in responding to the challenges in meeting any of the objectives stated above.


Last Updated On 14/02/2017