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Institute of Serology Kolkata

The Institute of Serology, Kolkata was established in the year 1912. Initially, this Institute was established for Forensic Serology but since 1970 it started diversifying into different fields of Serology, Immunology, VDRL Antigen production, Antisera production, STD Training & Research and Polio Virus isolation from stool sample of AFP cases.

The Institute organizes several seminars, training, workshops etc. to update the knowledge and skill of Medical and Non-Medical Officers and all categories of paramedical staff on the latest progress and developments taking place in various fields of STI.

The Institute is the sole manufacturer and supplier to meet the entire demand of widely required VDRL Antigen and Antisera to all Government and Non-Government organization throughout the country.

The Institute has indigenously developed and standardised the technology for the production of Immunochemically pure different classes of Human Immunoglobullins viz IgA, IgG & IgM and to raise their heavy chain mono specific antisera. The quality of these reagents has been certified and approved by WHO Reference Laboratory at U.K.

The WHO, National Polio Laboratory has been functioning since March 1997 and the Institute is catering to the whole Eastern & North Eastern Region of the Country in addition to the Jharkhand State. This laboratory has been upgraded in 2011 for intratypic differentiation of Polio virus using PCR technique.

STD has become very important in our National scenario specially because of the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS infection in the country. STD and AIDS is a global problem that the country is facing today. Regional STD Reference Laboratory for Eastern Zone under NACO was established in this Institute. This Institute is the regional STD Co-ordinator for Eastern & North Eastern Region for laboratory diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and to extend our laboratory support to other Government and Non-Government organizations. Furthermore, this laboratory conducts inter-laboratory Evaluation of VDRL test with other laboratories of Kolkata. The laboratory is also working in STD intervention programme and work in collaboration with STD clinics of different medical colleges of Kolkata amongst high risk population. The Institute imparts STD training for laboratory Technicians, conduct research activities in this field. This Laboratory has involved itself with NACP Phase III and has taken up various training programme of NACP Phase III for Medical Officers and Laboratory technicians attached to different STD & AIDS related programmes of W.B. Our Institute participates in GASP organized by WHO.

Serologist & Chemical Examiner to the Government of India.
3, KYD STREET , KOLKATA – 700016
Telephone – (033) – 2229-7967; 2229-8386; 2229-8908 
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