Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
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Ophthalmology Section, Dte.GHS is responsible for:


1.      Implementation and Monitoring of the National Programme for Control of Blindness and Visual Impairment (NPCBVI)

2.      Technical evaluation of Programme Implementation Plans (PIPs) from States for implementation of programme in all the district of the country

3.     Training of Eye Surgeons from Govt. Hospitals/Medical Colleges through the identified training centres

4.    IEC activities through print (newspapers, magazines etc.) and electronic (TV, radio) media.  Organization of various IEC events including Eye Donation Fortnight all over the country to promote eye donation for restore vision of corneal blind.

5.     Preparation of draft replies of Parliament Questions, questionnaires of Parliamentary Standing Committee, parliamentary assurances etc.

6.     RTI matters pertaining to NPCBVI

7.   Strengthening of existing eye care infrastructure at Govt. Medical Colleges, District Hospitals and assistance for creation of new infrastructure for delivery of eye care services

8.    Collection and maintenance of data on delivery of various eye care activities and services

9.    Preparation of various periodic reports including Monthly summery/DO to Cabinet, Delivery Monitoring Unit of PMO etc.

10. Attending other miscellaneous matters including court cases pertaining to NPCBVI

Note: For further details, please visit NPCB  website: www.npcbvi.gov.in


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