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Organisation of the Programme

The first Management Development Programme on Financial Management in Govt. organisation was conducted at National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM), Faridabad from 7-9 January, 2016. List of participants is attached as Annexure-I View Document 64 Kb. The second Management Development Programme on Financial Management was conducted at NIFM, Faridabad from 21-23 April, 2016. The list of participants is attached as Annexure-II. View Document128 Kb

Training Outcome Analysis:

The participants were offered a pre-test and a post-test questionnaire to assess the gain in knowledge from the training workshop. The findings of the assessment on a scale of 1 to 10 following EpiData Analysis Graph are as under:







1.0 / 10


6.0 / 10



5.5 / 10


10.0 / 10



The average score of 31% rose to 82% after the training. The average gain of score was 50% (range 46%- 54%) Paired T-test yield significance at the .000 level (p<.001***), meaning that for the whole group the difference between the pre-test average score and the post-test average score was statistically significant.

Feedback from Participants:

  • The training programme was extremely useful for efficiently managing the duties expected by the CHS officers.
  • This training should be implemented in future as a part of the basic induction package upon joining of CHS officers to the cadre.
  • The participants felt that the content of the training was well planned and efficiently delivered by the resource persons planned jointly by the coordinating team of Dte.GHS and NIFM.
  • The methodology used during the training programme (interactive workshop) was well appreciated by the participants.
  • The participants felt that more such trainings should be conducted for the remaining officers of the CHS cadre on priority basis.
  • The programme may be increased from three days to five days and Sessions of Shri Rajiv Manjhi be increased. Examination be introduced at the end of the sessions.
  • Training should be conducted for Doctors regularly.

Over all feed-back analysis

Over all feed -back on the basis of compilation made by NIFM is at Annex-III View Document 86 Kb

Resource Persons Profile/ CV: Brief Profile of the Resource Persons is at Annex-IV View Document 86 Kb

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