Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Government of India

Training development Process

The process of developing the training programme started with competency mapping. Training has usually been based on the duties that are to be performed in a particular post. There has been no comprehensive review or classification of all posts in accordance with functions that are to be performed and the competencies required thereto. Thus, the issue of whether an individual has the necessary competencies to be able to perform the functions of a post has not been addressed. For moving to a competency-based approach, it would be necessary to classify the distinct types of posts and to indicate competencies required for performing work in such posts. Once the competencies are laid down, an individual’s development can be more objectively linked to the competencies needed for the current or future jobs. Career progression and placement need to be based on matching the individual’s competencies to those required for a post. Accordingly the gap between the existing and the required competencies and provide opportunities to the employees to develop their competencies was identified.

In view of the above, the Committee initiated the work with Training Need Analysis (TNA). Based on the outcome of the Training Need Analysis, two programmes have been developed and designed for CHS officers, which are as under:

(i)  Management Development Programme on Financial Management in Govt. organisations.

(ii)  Leadership Development Programme.

Last Updated On 29/06/2016