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Training Programmes

The Directorate General of Health Services is an attached office to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It renders technical advice on all medical and public health matters and coordinates with field units for implementation of various National Health Programmes. It also oversees the functioning of the Central Govt. Hospitals and their management.

All the senior level posts in the Dte.GHS are manned by Central Health Services Officers, who are primarily Doctors and have no exposure to any administrative and financial administration. To support them in administration, officers up to the level of Director are posted in the Dte.GHS, however, decision making is mainly at the level of DDG. Addl.DG, Spl. DG and DGHS. Over a period of time, it has been observed that the technical officers, particularly the Doctors, who are heading the Division or holding some administrative positions, even in the hospitals, find it difficult to take a view objectively on matters concerning administration and finance. This not only affects their efficiency but also makes them dependent on officers or officials who are aware of rules and regulations concerning Administration and General Finance.

Further Central Health Services does not have any cadre training plan as on date. As such a pressing need has been felt by the DGHS to have some kind of training programme on administration and finance designed and developed especially for the Central Health Services officers holding the administrative position either in Hospitals, Institutes or Dte.GHS.

With the posting of Shri Rajiv Manjhi, Director, CS Division, DoPT to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and consequent upon his appointment as Training Manager for Dte.GHS, MoHFW in January, 2013, he was assigned the responsibility of designing and developing a Calibrated Training Programme for Central Health Services officers by DGHS. 

In pursuance of the direction of DGHS, a Committee was constituted under the Chairmanship of Shri Rajiv Manjhi, Director (A&V/HQ) in the Dte.GHS to design and develop a Calibrated Training Programme.

Last Updated On 29/06/2016