Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Government of India

Nutrition & IDD Cell

The Nutrition and IDD Cell, functions in an Advisory capacity for all matters related to Nutrition in the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Nutrition & IDD Cell is implementing two National Health Programmes i.e National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Programme (NIDDCP) and National Programme for Prevention and Control of Fluorosis (NPPCF) Programme-wise responsibilities are as under:


  1. Implementation and monitoring of National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Programme (NIDDCP).
  1. Inter- sect oral co-ordination at Central level and maintenance of close liaison with the Ministry of Industry, Information and Broadcasting etc.
  1. Technical guidance to the States/UTs for implementation of NIDDCP.
  1. Imparting IDD survey training to the State Health Personnel involved in National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Programme.
  1. Collection, compilation and analysis of relevant data from State/UTs.
  1. Monitoring of the quality control of  Iodine salt at production level through Salt Commissioner and at the distribution and consumer level through the State Health Directorates.
  1. Annual budget plans, performance budget/outcome budget, annual action plan, annual reports etc.
  1. To look after the IEC activities at apex level including celebration of Global IDD Prevention Day 21st October.
  1. Preparing status notes, brief notes etc with respect to NIDDCP for Sr. Officers.
  1. VIP references, RTI matters, parliament questions and miscellaneous matters related to NIDDCP.
  1. Submission of monthly/ quarterly reports i.e VIP pending issues, programme expenditure, NHM MIS, RTI etc.

Nutrition including NPPCF:

  1. Implementation and Monitoring of National Programme for Prevention and Control of Flurosis. (NPPCF)
  1. Technical matters (Nutrition Policy, National Plan of Action, ICDS, other nutrition Programmes, Fluorosis, Fortification etc.) received from various departments/ministries for comments.
  1. Project proposal/reports/publication received from various sources.
  1. IEC Activities and development of IEC material for Nutrition and Fluorosis.
  1. Preparation of Guideline related to Nutrition & NPPCF.
  1. Annual reports/Performance Budget/Outcome Budget
  1. Parliament Questions, RTI matters & VIP references
  1. Preparing status notes, brief notes etc, on nutrition & its related issues for HFM, Secretary (H), DGHS.
  1. Miscellaneous matters.



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