Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Government of India


AV Section

  • A.V. Section has been allocated vigilance work pertaining to Dte. GHS (HQ) and its subordinate offices.
  • Initiating disciplinary proceedings and examination of appeals of Group B.C & D    
  • Officials of Dte. GHS(HQ) and its subordinate officers where Director (A&V)/DGHS are disciplinary/appellate authorities.
  • Monitoring of Public/Staff grievances/Court Case coordination/monitor.

ACR Cell

  • Issuance of ACR forms, after completing Part I, to I. LDC/UDC/Asstt./STENO/PA/PS/PPS/SO/DO/DDA/DA/DAV/Gr. ‘A’ & ‘B’ Non –medical Officers/CHS Officers/CHS Officers working in Dte.G.H.S(HQ) and the officers of MSO/NML/CHEB/CHEB/CBHI, in whose case Admn. I Section is the administrative controlling authority.
  • Processing of ACR in respect of:
  • The officers/officials mentioned at (I) above.
  • Gr. A & B Non-Medical Officers/CHS Officers/ISM&H Doctors working in Sub-ordinate offices (in whose case MOHFW is the custodian of ACRs).
  •   Forwarding of CR Dossiers in respect of LDC/UDC/Asstt. /Steno./PA/Gr/A&B The Medical Officers working in Dte. GHS(HQ) to various Deptts./Ministries in connection with their confirmation/promotion/ACP filling up Various post etc.
  • Forwarding of completed ACRs in respect of the following cadre to the Respective offices/Deptts mentioned against each for further maintenance & Record.
  • Maintenance of CR Dossiers in respect of LDC/UDC/Steno/PA/Gr.A&B Non-Medical Gazetted Officers working in Dte.G.H.S (HQ) including MSO/NML/CHEB/CBHI.
  • Monitoring of ACRs in respect of Gr. A Officers (CHS Non-CHS) working in Sub-Ordinate Offices.
  • Issuance of necessary certificates on behalf of various sub offices in lieu of ACRs where Reporting/Reviewing Officers could not record the ACRs in time and have demitted office on retirement/death etc.
  • Maintenance of Immovable Property Returns in respect of Group ‘A’ & ‘B’ officers working in the Dte. GHS. (HQ).
  • Maintenance of work, conduct and performance report in respect of MTS working in the Dte. GHS (HQ) and issue of performa of work, conduct & proforma report to all MTS of Dte. GHS (HQ)