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List of Central Public Information Officers in Dte. General of Health Services last upadated 22nd April, 2016

S.No. Name of Officer/ Designation Telephone No./ PABX No. on Ph.23022200 Section/subject matter with which concerned *
1.   Jitender Singh Dy. Dir. (Admn.)   23062814
PABX Ext.2694    
Admn. I Section Admn. II Section Hindi Section Admn. Matter
2.   V. Prasad Dy. Dir.(VP)           23063440
PABX Ext.2694                        
MH-I Section MH-II Section (RR,AIIPMR Mumbai/Institute of Serology Kolkata) MH-III Section (Trauma & Burns/PMR) Admn. Matter
3. Mrs. M.S. Teresa Francis Dy. Dir. (TF) 23061429 Leprosy Section (CLTRIs/RLTRIs) Nutrition & IDD Cell NCD Section MG Section CBHI    Admn. Matter
4. Amarjit Singh
Dy. Director
PABX Ext.2768
TB Section(NTI) ME Cell/ME Section (LHMC & SSKH,KSH,CIP Ranchi,AIIH&PH) MSO(Store) Admn. Matter   
5.  Amit Choubey DDA (AC) 23063203
PABX Ext.2520
A.V. Section including ACR Cell & Court case coordination EPI Section (CRI Kasauli/BCG lab. Chennai) RD Cell (including RDs) PH(CDL) PH(IH) Section Admn. Matter
6. R. K. Ahluwalia Dy. Director(GA)        23063539
PABX Ext.2760
General Section (including CR, Record Room,Department Canteen & IT) Cash I & Cash II Admn. Matter
7. Manjit Singh Dy. Director (MS)    23062191
PABX Ext.2520.
O&M,(including Office Council, JCM & SS/ST Cell) NML FRSL(Residual matter) EMR Section PH(CDL) (NCDC & NVBDCP Annual Action Plan, Vision Document Admn. Matter 
8. Dr. P. Saxena  ADDL.DDG(PS)   23061936
PABX Ext.2610
Medical Grants, CS (MA) & Reimbursement of Medical Claims (HQ) CS(MA) Rules, Technical Matter    
9. Dr. (Mrs) B.R. Sawhney ADDL.DDG (BRS) 23061031
PABX Ext.3204      
Medical Grants,Custom Duty Exemption Certificate (CDEC), Rashtriya Arogaya Nidhi (RAN) PH(CDL) Section Technical Matter      
10. Vacant   23061329
PABX Ext.2521
Non Communicable Diseases, (Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), & Stroke, [except cancer] under National Programme on Control of Diabetes, Cardiovascular and Stroke - Technical Matters      
11. Dr. Devesh Gupta DR. V. S. Salhotra Dr. Raghuram Rao Addl. DDG (DG) Addl. DDG (VSS) DADG (RR) 23063246
PABX Ext.2435
(i) Revised National TB Control Programme (ii) NTI Bangalore (iii) L.S.R. TB Hospital, Delhi. Technical Officer  
12. Dr. Sudhir Gupta  ADDL.DDG(NCD)   23061980
PABX Ext.2807
Non Communicable Diseases, Cancer component under NPCDCS Scheme (ii) Tertiary Cancer care component (iii) NCD integration project with Ayush Deptt. (iv) Genetic & Blood Borne Disorders, Sickle Cell Anemia, Thalassemia & Hemophilia etc) (v) National Programme for Health care for the Elderly. Technical Matter      
13.  Dr. Megha Pravin Khobragade DADG (IH) Specialist Grade-II   23062167
PABX Ext.2513
PH(IH), International Health Regulation, Cooperation Nomination Abroad, Haj, Medical Tourism incl. Spa/Resorts, IPR/WTO. Technical Matter
14. Dr. A.K.Puri ADG(L) 23061164
PABX Ext.2707
National leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP), Leprosy Institutses  - CLTRI , RLTRIs, Deformity Correction of Polio & Leprosy. (ii)Nationaal Urban Health Mission (NUHM),National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)/Population stabilization. Technical Matter
15. Dr.  B. Srinivas ADG(ME) 23062493 23061907
PABX Ext.2676
M.E. Cell M.E. Section Technical Matter
16. Dr. (MRS) Ritu Gupta ADG(RG) 23062781
PABX Ext.2436
Ophthalmology National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB), Medical Research, including Stem Cell. (ii) National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness Technical Matter  
17. Dr. Anil Kumar CMO(AK)  


PABX Ext. 2433

MH Division  National Organ Transplant Programme (ii) Clinical Establishment Act. (iii) Co-ordinator in DG’s Office Technical Matter  
18. Dr. Tarun Kumar Dr. U.B. Das, Dr. Srinivas Murthy   CMO(EMR) CMO CMO 23063205  Emergency Medical Relief Cell Technical Matter
19. Dr. Alok Mathur CMO(AK) 23061268
PABX Ext. 2675
Non Communicable Diseases (Palliative Care (ii) Telemedicine Policy issues including Union/JCM issues and health budget (iii) National Mental Health Programme Hospital, Tezpur, CIP Ranchi Technical Matter.
20. Dr. L. Swasticharan CMO(LS) 23063537
PABX Ext. 3213
Non Communicable Diseases  (Natidonal Tobacco control programme). Other Non Communicable Diseases. (ii) National Oral Health Programme (iii) IPHS standards, Strengthening of District Hospitals Technical Matter.  
21. Dr. Anil Sain CMO(HA) 23062724
PABX Ext. 2584
(i) Scheme for Up- gradation of PMR Deptts. In Medical Colleges. PWD Act,RCI National Trust & Disability Issues. (ii)AIIPM & R, Mumbai (iii)SJH, RMLand other Hospital care related issues including sports Injury Centre at SJH, constitution of Medical Boards, medical Services including Treatment abroad, constitution of specification and procurement committees (iv) Administration of all Central Govt. Hospitals/institutes including Dr. RML Hospital & Safdarjang Hospital (V) Improving the functioning of all the three Central Govt.Hospitals (including associated Hospital) (vi) Complaints (Medico only) related to treatment of patients in all the Central Govt. Hospitals (vii) implement under PM’s National Relief Fund Technical Matter        
22. Dr. Tanu Jain ADG(TJ) 23062544
PABX Ext. 2726
Trauma Prgramme Trauma Care facilities National Programme for Prevention and Management of Burns injuries (NPPMBI) RDs Technical Matter  
23. Amrit Singh Purty Dy. Director(Proc.) 23062290
PABX Ext. 2563
Procurement Cell Technical Matter  
24. Sh Achennaro Dy Director (CBHI) 23062695
PABX Ext. 2612            
CBHI National Portal/website, National Knowledge Commission Technical Matter  
25. Ms. P. N. Padmini R.O.    23061105
PABX Ext,2784.
IDD & Nutrition Cell National Micro Nutrient Programme including fluorosis Technical Officer  
26. Dr. K. S. Sachdeva Addl. DDG(KSS)    23061107
PABX Ext,2434.
 Environment Health Climate Change, Patients, Safety Initiatives, Bio-medical waste management (ii) NCDC, NVBDCP (iii) BCG Guindy, CRI PII Coonoor, Institute of Serology, Vaccine & Misc. PH Issues. Technical Officer  
27. Dr. Chinmoyee Das DADG(NCD)  23061936
PABX Ext,2610.
RHD Project under NPCDCS (ii) Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Training under NPCDCS Technical Officer  
28. Dr. Ramkishan DDC(I)   23236975 CDSCO Drugs Division F.D.A. Bhawan, Kotala Road, N.Delhi. Technical Matter  
29. Dr. Kaushal Kumar Joint Director 23971272 National Center for Diseases Control 22 Sham Nath Marg, New Delhi.
30. Dr. K.S Gill Joint Director 23967745 23967784 23968329-Fax National Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme, DMRC Building, Block No. 3, IT Park, Shastri Park, Delhi-110053.
31. U. S. Mehta DDA (USM) 23236975 Drugs Division CDSCO, CHEB Admn. Matter
32. Dr. Bharat Singh CMO (Store) 26101268 Medical Stores Organisation, Store II, III & IV R.K.Puram. Technical Matter.
33. Dr. Chaman Prakash CMO(NFSG)  23063540
PABX Ext2768.
Redevelopment plan of LHMC & Associate Hospitals (ii) Redevelopment of Dr. RML Hospital and Safdarjang Hospital Technical Matter
34 Dr. Indu Grewal, ADG      23061259
PABX Ext,2433.
Central Health Education Bureau - Technical Matter


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